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Friday, August 2, 2013

Natural Remedies Of Feather Plucking In Parrots

Natural Remedies Of Feather Plucking In Parrots

Are you pulling your hair out with frustration now your adduce has feather plucking problems? Here are some natural remedies to help rehabilitate your pet bird.

There are lots of different causes of feather plucking in parrots. In rule to help your bird effectively, you desideratum treat the cause and not reliable the waves. Products such as feather pecking sprays, which have a bad taste, and feather protectors that cover or stop your bird from drawing near his feathers, will put take or prevent plucking, but do not resolve the underlying cause of the problem and are for a short - interval fix rather than a longish - interval solution to the problem. Anyone that has a feather plucking recollect needs to persuade from the start whether it is a settlement of actual stress related to health, diet or hygiene; or whether the feather plucking is as a offshoot of emotional stress resulting from boredom, separation anxiety, loneliness, or because of some big change in your birds environment.

Homeopathic Remedies

Treating your retell with natural homeopathic remedies is a safe way to channel feather plucking. Moisturising sprays that comprehend aloe extracts have natural halcyon properties that help relieve skin irritations, like dry skin. Stress can also be eased with homeopathic solutions, such as Bach Flower remedies which comprehend extracts of Zest Flower, Kava Kava or St John ' s Wort, which are natural sedatives, and have a peacemaking aftereffect on birds. Other natural ingredients that may be helpful for treating feather plucking, which is caused by skin irritations is Grapefruit Nut Extract ( GSE ), which has natural antiseptic, antibiotic, and anti - parasitic ingredients.

Dietary Supplements

Natural dietary supplements, such as Vitapet Feather Conditioner are specially formulated and include a range of essential vitamins to maintain a healthy feather condition. They are ultra useful for birds that are suffering from a vitamin D want due to being fed a bad diet, and owing to they will help with feather regrowth, they are beneficial for any bird that has feather plucking problems.

Other Things to Consider

Depending on what is triggering the feather plucking system, a pet landlord can take a number of steps to both prevent and cure feather pulling in their pet adduce without the use of medication and drugs. These entail the following: Cinch that your cite gets a healthy, balanced diet to maintain healthy plumage. Keep your bird in healthy surroundings, keeping in mind that cigarette appear and aerosol fumes are exceedingly toxic and can start feather pulling system. Also make sure that your bird is in an area that gets adequate polished, that he does not get too hot or too cold, and that the humidity is not too dry. Parrots come from tropical rainforests, and heaters can dry the attitude in the room. When you use heaters, it is strongly advised that a dehumidifier, or a type of water side, is available to stop the sensibility from apt too dry and in consequence drying out your birds skin and feather follicles, resulting in annoyance and feather plucking conduct. Your bird will need eight hours of beauty sleep at twilight. Keep him in a entirely corner with a cover over if you plan to coming-out all dark hours. Stimulation is vital, so provide lots of amusing toys and puzzles to keep him busy and prevent boredom. Socialising is exorbitantly important. Preferably let your bird out of his cage on a daily basis to socialise with you. Provide other stimulations, such as music, when you are not at home so that he doesn ' t sit alone in a absolutely flophouse - very dull for a pet retell. Think about getting expanded detail to keep your pet company if you work all day and he has to stay at home alone.

By following all the hefty points, your bird should be kept joyful and content, and should not resort to feather plucking due to health or psychological stress.

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